Monday, April 15, 2013

Maeve's Concert

Maeve was back in Greenfield for a concert last Saturday night.
She shared billing with cellist Eugene Friesen.
They played individually and together, in masterful performances
  - on the cutting edge of innovation, with beauty.

Maeve included a few numbers from her latest album,
         The Ostinato Project.
Ostinato is a concept she presented at last year's workshop.
How great to get insight into her working ideas and then confront them fully realized in concert.  In addition, she included variations on Peerie Joel's Waltz and Moon River, both tunes taught in past workshops. Need I say, she made exciting new interpretations - probably not her last take on these, but for me, definitive.

I hope you're looking forward to another great workshop in Leyden.
There will be no public concert by Maeve at Angels' Rest this year.
She is appearing with dancer Nic Gareiss in nearby Whately (Watermelon Wednesdays) on August 21,
the night before the start of the workshop.

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